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Anggita Prameswara Putri

“Let the story speaks for itself”

Lion Parcel is a company engaged in the logistics sector. Along with the development of digital and technology, Lion Parcel is not behind the times and has begun to expand its business into digital form. Lion Parcel Apps has many users that already used the apps for order courier to pick up and deliver their packages.

Product Overview

As a logistics company, Lion Parcel also offers a service through the mobile application that has already been built since 2018, called “Lion Parcel Apps” or maybe we can simply say it LPA (because it’s too long name…

“The user experience is more than just a theory, but the life we ​​live every day” — Anggi

A simple way to describe the user experience is just a life that we live every day. You get out of bed, go showering, then you get your soft towel from the bathroom’s cabinet, then wearing your comfy clothes. So many different ways for the steps of taking a bath. It’s called user journey. But when you choose a soft towel and comfy clothes, that’s the user experience. You will choose the softer towel from your cabinets and wear the comfy clothes…

Why do I separate the landing page into three categories? What’s the difference between Good and Awesome? Initially I got this categorization when I did A / B testing on several landing pages for some products. Based on the test results, I finally got the three categories for landing pages, which are:

  1. When first seeing it, the user explores the page but ends up not liking the design, because it’s too old (Bad).
  2. Users are very interested in landing pages that have attractive designs, they stay on the page more than a minute. …

versi bahasa Indonesia

Website dan aplikasi mobile adalah media komunikasi yang juga melibatkan pengguna dan bahkan pelanggan. Saat merancang sebuah website yang baik, kita harus memikirkan tampilan, kesan pertama dan bagaimana kita ingin website kita menarik bagi pengguna.

Langkah pertama: Fokus pada kesan pertama

Dalam kehidupan, kesan pertama adalah hal penting yang menentukan apa yang terjadi selanjutnya. Hal ini juga sama saat akan merancang website. Ketika petensial pengguna mengunjungi sebuah website, tampilan, rasa, dan pengalaman pertama sangatlah penting bagi mereka. Halaman pertama yang dikunjungi oleh pengguna saat pertama kali memasuki sebuah website haruslah memiliki kesan yang dapat membuat pengguna penasaran dan ingin tahu lebih banyak mengenai…

Website and mobile apps are media communication also engagement to the users and even customers. When designing a good website, we should think about the first look and first experience of the website and how we want our website to be attractive to the users.

First step: Focus on the first impression

In life, first impressions are important things that determine what happens next. This also applies when we design a website. When the potential users visit a website, the first looks, feel and experiences are very important to them. The first page visited by the users when entering the website must have an impression that can…

Design thinking in general (human needs, wicked problem, and changes the way we work)

What comes to your mind when you first hear “design thinking”?

What is Design?

“Design is not a monologue; it’s a conversation.”

— Whitney Hess, Empathy coach and UX design consultant (from Interaction Design Foundation)

Design is creating something as a way to solve problems. If we make a design but the problem is increasing, our designs are bad. So, what is design thinking?

Design thinking is a method that designers use in ideation and development. That also has applications elsewhere. …

Anggita Prameswara Putri

Leading Design @Lion Parcel & Lecturer @Telkom University. Previously @Grab @Telkom. “User experience is more than just a theory, but the life we live everyday”

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